Supporting the work of those wanting to raise money for charity through organised motor sports events, Autonomy Motor Sports Club helps take the pain out of organising and running such events.

Running an event safely and in compliance with UK legislation can be complex and time consuming. We can help you be compliant so you can concentrate on fundraising and focus on having fun while we deal with the headaches!

The overheads of forming a club, understanding the legislation, registering with Motorsport UK, dealing with route planning and obtaining the necessary exemptions and permits can be overwhelming, and often isn't viable for a one off or infrequent event.

We are able to advise fundraisers and provide services at reasonable rates to make sure your event is legal, and a success. If you are planning to organise a treasure hunt, scatter or touring style car rally in the UK, and have a fixed route or more than twelve cars, then you have to engage with Motorsport UK to obtain a permit or certificate of exemption.

We can take that burden and run the event for you to Bluebook rules.